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Sun Hydraulics

We brought Sun Hydraulics into the clouds, illuminating new opportunities for their global growth.



Sun Hydraulics, a subsidiary of Helios Technologies, is a Sarasota-based leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds that control the force, speed and motion as integral components in fluid power systems.

They have a global presence, with offices in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific and distribution partners spread across the world.

The Challenge

The Challenge.

Sun wanted to extend its global presence while increasing their experience’s accessibility, efficiency, and scalability for their distributors and partners.

Since opening their doors in 1970, Sun Hydraulics operated within the confines of a bare metal infrastructure - housed onsite in their Sarasota headquarters. They faced the typical risks and challenges of a traditional physical infrastructure - heavy time and maintenance requirements, scalability issues, high downtime and increased latency due to their geographic location.

They wanted to be able to better support their global partners and desired the speed, security, reliability, and real-time flexibility that the Atlas Cloud offered… so we got to work.

Bringing Sun to the Atlas Cloud

We needed a better understanding of their business and user needs in order to implement a fine-tuned and unique cloud migration strategy that would successfully (and efficiently) bring Sun to the cloud.

We implemented our Atlas Cloud Workshop - a program intended to get a full, 360-degree understanding of Sun’s cloud readiness and infrastructure needs, with the goal of defining the best pathways toward cloud migration. The process runs through all stages of the cloud journey, from evaluating business objectives, application assessments and data-based analysis, to optimizing current cloud applications and deploying transition plan recommendations.

Together with Sun’s team, we strategically implemented our cloud roadmap which smoothly and efficiently migrated Sun’s web presence to the Atlas Cloud. We improved site performance, engineering efficiency, and UX, while ensuring long-term scalability and sustainability of their online infrastructure. This allowed them to spend less time maintaining infrastructure and more time executing strategy to grow their global enterprise.

The End Result.

The end result was this: a fully integrated and individualized cloud migration strategy that focused on migrating Sun’s web presence to the cloud, while fulfilling their strategic business objectives.

This provided the concrete steps needed to successfully move Sun’s web application from their physical infrastructure to the Atlas Cloud - ensuring them the increased speed, security, resiliency, and scalability they needed to better scale and support their global distribution partners. As an added perk, Sun no longer needed to continuously maintain their evolving website via physical infrastructure, saving them financial resources and lessening the labor demands on their internal team.

We continue to maintain their cloud infrastructure to this day.

The End Result:

A fully integrated and individualized cloud migration strategy that focused on migrating Sun’s web presence to the cloud, while fulfilling their strategic business objectives.

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