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IMG Academy

Atlas has solidified IMG Academy’s position as an industry leader equipped with cutting-edge cloud infrastructure, unparalleled growth in revenue, international customer acquisition, and ultimately, peace of mind.



IMG Academy is known worldwide as an industry-leading institution for athletic and performance development through their boarding school, camp programs, events and tournaments, pro and team training, corporate retreats, and more. Their variety of offerings and capabilities, coupled with an elite reputation, makes Atlas Networks a significant partner in ensuring IMG’s infrastructures speed, agility, and reliability - the same performance standards they hold for their athletes.


The Challenge.

As a globally-renowned academy, IMG needed to implement fast-paced, scalable, and evolving technologies to maintain their cutting edge position as an industry leader. They had challenges managing their array of complex applications across marketing and sales channels and needed a strategic Web Operations (WebOps) model that could be deployed across their entire organization.

In addition to the base infrastructure, IMG's in-house development and marketing team required systems that would allow them to fluidly deploy content and features from their local environments to production, while simultaneously eliminating downtime and protecting against any foreseeable challenges.


Amazon Web Services 
— EC2
— S3
— CloudFront
— Lambda 
— DynamoDB
— API Gateway 
Merchant e-Solutions
Cloud Docker

Building IMG Academy’s International Empire.

We deployed our unique WebOps model to drive success across every aspect of IMG’s business. After securing ownership over customer growth, revenue acquisition, and web platforms and systems, our model opened the pathway for IMG’s growing success.

A high-performance infrastructure was established for IMG’s Drupal-based platform, Symfony eCommerce back-end, and React-based interactive tools managed in AWS to deliver a 99.99% reliability rating. All critical web requests were routed through CloudFlare with a dynamic cache expiration system that was controlled within Drupal to allow for efficient updating. AWS Lambda microservices allowed for content personalization and business intelligence support with zero maintenance beyond managing CI systems.

Atlas also worked with internal developers to enhance their workflow with Docker containers. This opportunity allowed for increased efficiency, reduced time interludes, and provided continuous integration systems that will enable updates to be distributed globally within seconds. A schedule of periodic penetration and breach tests envelope the system with peace of mind.

Additionally, along with our Chinese-based partner, our team established a replica of the platform within the Alibaba Cloud Datacenter, which is synchronized with the rest of the platform outside of China. Working closely with IMG’s Chinese office and our Alibaba partner, we obtained a coveted ICP license to operate a website within mainland China. This has allowed IMG to maintain a multilingual and internationally distributed presence on domain-specific TLDs and allowed access to the massive 1.3B Chinese audience which, otherwise, would have been difficult to reach for IMG.


The Results.

Atlas’ success with IMG has resulted in a 12-year partnership. Over time, our WebOps model has become critical to the successful momentum of the organization. By consistently achieving year-over-year growth, increased leads, and revenue through eCommerce, we have aided in delivering a heightened growth trajectory in international markets. Technology and WebOps standards deployed and maintained by Atlas has greatly contributed to IMG success, taking our partnership trajectory from $80K in online revenues to over $110+ million.

By implementing the foundation of a WebOps model, Atlas has solidified IMG’s position as an industry leader with cutting-edge cloud-based infrastructure, unparalleled growth in revenue, international customer acquisition, and ultimately, peace of mind.

Working closely with Atlas Networks has provided us with the opportunity to significantly scale our business, expand our digital horizons, and implement strategies we may not have otherwise had the internal resources for. Their professionalism, timeliness, and knowledge has been invaluable, and we are excited for the future of our business while working alongside Atlas.

- IMG Digital Marketing

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