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Harlem Globetrotters saved 55% on their infrastructure by migrating to the Atlas Cloud.

What we do.

We work with organizations to provide technology consulting services and implementation strategies designed to help organizations navigate complex business challenges, find meaningful solutions and deliver impactful results.

The Atlas A

By blending innovation, software engineering, platform integration and cloud services, we build the modern technology platforms of tomorrow.

Partner Success Stories.

We brought Sun to the (Atlas) Cloud - and illuminated opportunities for global growth.
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We migrated Feld to the Atlas Cloud - saving them over six-figures annually.
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We saved the Harlem Globetrotters 55% on their annual cloud investment.
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Learn about our DreamCloud and commitment to community impact.

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I need to scale my infrastructure to meet unusual demand.
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I need to reduce and optimize costs to help us through these challenging economic times.
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I need to innovate and pivot faster to adjust to changing circumstances.
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